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Tue 16 Feb

Virtual Journey Postcard


Cambridge Junction does John o' Groats to Land's End... virtually!

Join us from 29 March - 04 July as we venture across Great Britain, covering 1,115 miles without leaving the local area. We'll be stopping off at 12 other arts centres on the way and finding out what our friends are up to.

We'd like to invite you take on the challenge of covering 1,115 miles yourself, or team up with a group of friends to complete the miles collectively. Entry is just £10 per person with no minimum fundraising target, so why not give it a go and raise money for your local venue whilst keeping fit this spring. Use your feet, your bike, your wheelchair, it's up to you.

Total Arts, our disability arts group have formed a team and we'll be following them down Great Britain on our social media channels, sharing content about the venues on the route as they pass.

You can find out more about the event, check out who the other venues are on the route and see the interactive tracking map on our here. We really hope you'll join us for this event, raising money for Cambridge Junction and it's creative learning and community programmes.


A message from our Artistic Director

Fri 15 Jan

Cambridge Junction


"To hope is to give yourself to the future - and that commitment to the future is what makes the present inhabitable.” Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark  

I hope you are doing OK. We were all hoping for a better start to the year. We had hoped to be welcoming you back to the building for socially distanced shows. We had hoped to be hosting artist residencies in our theatre and studio. We had hoped to be able to run our Junction Young Company sessions back in the building. We had hoped to be working in J3 with fantastic artists and creatives to co-create films with young people with complex needs. We still have all the hope. We're just projecting that further into the future.

For the time being it is unfortunately not possible for us to present live performances in the building due to lockdown, even with social distancing measures in place. If you have tickets for a gig or a show in the next few months, we will be in touch with you soon, regarding rescheduling dates and issuing refunds as necessary. As you can imagine, there's a lot of work to be done on this, so please bear with us.

I know many people will be disappointed and inconvenienced by this, upset that we can't all get together, and I am very sorry for this. I know you will appreciate that we are all working and living under changing guidance and restrictions. I don't want to give any false hope by saying I know for certain when we will open our doors again to the public. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate all of this.

For now, we have some excellent online shows for you, and work by our associate artists to share. We will continue our creative learning programme online, working with Junction Young Company, Total Arts, and brilliant artists and practitioners, and we will continue to develop our work with communities across Cambridge. And we are working on al fresco plans for the summer months and towards presenting a fuller programme by the autumn. More on all this as soon as we know more.

Please stay in touch. We love to hear from you. Your support and feedback are really important to us even whilst we're not operating regularly, and if there are things that you need from us that we might be able to offer in the meantime, your suggestions are always welcome.

Matt Burman

Artistic Director, Cambridge Junction


Online shows




Ways of doing things: Call out for participants

Mon 14 Dec

Image: Anna Macdonald

We are looking for three to four people, who identify themselves as donor recipients, to take part in an arts project called Ways of doing things working with moving image artist Anna Macdonald. The aim of the project is to use art to explore the way the experience of organ donation effects peoples’ sense of normality. It will create a creative and enjoyable space for people to reflect upon their lived experience of normality after organ donation and explore what the idea of normal now means for them.

Participants will meet with the artist as a small group online, or in person where possible, to create things and talk together about what happens when events change our lived sense of what is normal and what it is to re-construct this?  These meetings (3 – 5 meetings online during January) will lead to the making of a series of images, recording and writings which will feed directly into the creation of a new exhibition, touring to Cambridge, Oxford and Newcastle upon Tyne, in Summer/Autumn 2021.

Ways of doing things forms part of the public engagement strand of the Human Cell Atlas (HCA), an international collaborative consortium creating comprehensive reference maps of the fundamental units of life, as a basis for understanding human health and for diagnosing and treating disease.

The body has 37 trillion cells, and the HCA is looking to create a human map, which researchers can zoom into to understand every human cell type, across time, from development to old age. The HCA was co-founded in 2016 by Dr Sarah Teichmann at the Wellcome Sanger Institute (UK) and Dr Aviv Regev, then at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (USA). A truly global initiative, there are now more than 2,000 HCA members, from 75 countries around the world.

Anna Macdonald
Anna Macdonald, is a dance and moving image artist who specializes in making work drawing on their expertise and knowledge of the public. Her work is regularly exhibited and published in both festival and gallery settings and she works as a researcher in the Manchester School of Art at Manchester Met University. You can see some examples of her most recent work, made during an arts fellowship at Keele University, working with people living with chronic pain HERE

Ways of doing things is produced by Cambridge Junction and will run between November 2020 and September 2021. You can find out more about this project HERE. If you think you might be interested, or just want to find out more about the project, then please contact either Anna or Matt with the subject line ‘performing normality’.

COVID-19 Update

Mon 30 Nov

Cambridge Junction is currently closed to the public.

In December we will present a series of socially distanced events as well as an online show from Cambridge Pentacle Club and our brand-new family Christmas show The Snow Queen.

Our Box Office is closed but tickets may be purchased online for all events. If you have any questions about upcoming events please email 

We are currently reviewing our programme of events for early 2021 and will be announcing more socially distanced and online shows soon. Ticket holders for events in 2021 will be contacted with any changes.


Socially Distanced Live Events

Inja & Hollie McNish // Thu 10 Dec

Lou Sanders, Luke Kempner & Travis Jay // Sat 12 Dec

Daniel Oliver: Weird Séance // Wed 16 Dec

Click HERE for information about the precautions that we are going to be putting in place for every socially distanced event. Safety for audiences will be a number one priority in experiencing great art together.


Online Events

Cambridge Pentacle Club present Pentacle TV // Sun 06 Dec

The Snow Queen // from Sun 20 Dec

A Vast and Incidental Kind of Holding

Mon 23 Nov

Conversations on expanded multi-dimensional ideas of anatomy, divination, geography and language, seeking to bring transformational movement to ideas of trauma and healing as they are shaped by oppressive systems and given form in our bodies.

Wed 25 November 2020

10:00-17:00 GMT/11:00-18:00 CET


As part of Live Art Development Agency’s DIY programme, Cambridge Junction has partnered with Gioriga Ohanesian Nardin & Jamila Johsnon-Small on ‘A Vast and Incidental Kind of Holding’.

“hyper awareness is violence to myself / it is not a choice to be in a continual state of friction”

“What is this work and if it is survival work, why can it leave us feeling devastated? This is not necessarily a sign of growth or healing, or if it is a part of these processes, how can I/we support that? What do we do with it, how can we move through it? I guess I want to think together about/allow a being in, this wake, hitting up against hostile architectures that exist inside and around us.”

We (Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin & Jamila Johnson-Small/SERAFINE1369) are hosting a conference with guest speakers working across different fields invited to discuss their strategies for and approaches to facilitation; on how embodying the work that they do invites an approach to and views on holding, guidance, navigating and working with language to support the communication and manifestations of their visions and intentions. The speakers are Kopano Maroga, Daniella Valz Gen, Selam Tesfai.

We are thinking about expanded ideas of anatomy, divination, geography, and the ways that ideologies in/form language and bodies/gesture as ways to think about - and bring movement to - trauma as it is held in bodies and perpetuated by systems, including ideas of healing and the wellness industry. 

Trauma and healing are two words come up often in the work that we both do, and we take issue with how they are situated within, and mobilised (sometimes weaponised) by, pop and queer cultural discourses and practices, and as such, absorbed into our lives, daily practices of relating and communicating and conceiving of ‘self’. There are lots of monolithic and slippery words that we would like to think about together and with others, untouchable unbreakable seemingly immovable shape-shifting looming objects of false promises and disguised violence. 

The conference will be a collage of questions, predicaments, criticism, strategies and responses that come up as we navigate how to embody the things we aim to share as artists and facilitators. We want the day to offer some energetic cleansing, some poetry and the opportunity to speak critically, curiously and kindly as we think together about crafting and sharpening tools for the destruction of oppressive systems. 

A public fragment of our ongoing conversations can be found HERE

For more information about this DIY, including the schedule of the conference and attendance information, please CLICK HERE

Image ©Kamee Abrahamian