Wanted: Volunteers (Aged 60+) To Take Part In Show


We’re very excited to be presenting two fascinating performances by internationally acclaimed dance and theatremakers Bertrand Lesca & Nasi Voutsas (aka Bert & Nasi) at Cambridge Junction this September and we have a fantastic and intriguing opportunity to take part in one of these; a show titled THE BEGINNING.

In THE BEGINNING, Bert and Nasi explore the different ways they can or could have started their shows and lives working together. Touching on all the joys, difficulties, excitement and exhaustion that comes with beginning again and again. The beginnings of shows, beginnings of relationships, beginnings of difficult moments…

For The Beginning, Bert & Nasi will work with a chorus of 15 local, non-professional participants, all aged 60 and over, who will perform in the show, and this is where we hope you might come in! This is a unique chance to be part of a piece that is life-affirming, surreal, and meditative, and you’ll discover and learn all you need to know through three workshops at Cambridge Junction in the lead up to the performance on Thursday 28 September.

If this sounds like you or perhaps one of your friends or family, do get in touch with our assistant producer Jessica Weston at [email protected].


Photos: THE BEGINNING ©Marie Charbonnier

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