January 2023 News Update

We hope you had a lovely festive season and dodged the lurgy just like I didn’t.

We’re excited to be building up a head of creative steam to launch into the coming season. We’ve got so many fantastic gigs and shows for you, and it’s great to see through our busy box office that so many people have resolved to get out and be part of some stellar shared experiences this year.

We’re really proud that one of the first big events of the year will be the World Premiere of The Democratic Set, a new film co-created by internationally acclaimed Australian company Back to Back Theatre and people from across our community. Incredibly excited to share this with you and we’ve got a few tickets left if you want to join us on the night.

Our Spring Arts season is packed with new work that we’ve supported and commissioned just for you. We’ve got the innovative and international Home X by Kakilang – a show featuring stories from Cambridge participants, the engaging use of digital technology and performers in-person and streamed live from Hong Kong – and some beautiful and poetic aerial circus from Hazel Lam in Lighthouse.

We’ve got some real theatrical treats from some of the finest makers in contemporary performance, with Action Hero who bring The Talent and the legendary Forced Entertainment with If All Else Fails. And if you’ve always wanted to talk about theatre but were too afraid to start, Theatre Club is just the thing to broaden your horizons this year.

Of course we’ve got a bunch of ace gigs lined up too. I’m particularly looking forward to NikNak’s immersive AV turntable magic, the awesome majesty of Mogwai over at the Corn Exchange and the incredible bass heavy electronica of Max Cooper at the end of February.

Last but no means least, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave so generously to our Nutcracker appeal. You helped us welcome 500 people to this fantastic and inclusive new show (of course big thanks to Moxie Brawl for such fab work) who might not otherwise have had the opportunity.

We work year-round to welcome new audiences to our family programme and provide free tickets to every show in the season to remove as many barriers as possible. Your ongoing financial support for our Funded Ticket Scheme is vital to ensuring anyone has the opportunity to connect with brilliant shows and events at Cambridge Junction.

Hope to see you sometime soon!

Matt Burman

Artistic Director, Cambridge Junction

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