Maxi Jazz and The E-Type Boys

Date:Thu 27 Apr
Venue:J2 (standing)
Price:£22.50 adv

What do you do if you’ve spent the thick end of twenty years touring the globe, forging a reputation with Faithless electronic wizards and festival favourites?

If you’re Maxi Jazz, it’s simple; form a guitar band.

When in 2011 Maxi, already had some songs, written for fun on guitar, but no plans to do anything with them. After writing more, and evolving the songs, Maxi spontaneously decided to call some old mates and form a band to play his melodic style of funky blues guitar music.

The E-Type Boys could as well have been named the Mothers of Re-Invention! All of Maxi’s influences weave through the music, dubby baselines adding Jamaican melody to Bluesy guitar lines and smooth, heartfelt vocals.

Maxi has received many plaudits for his highly poetic lyrical style and this is, again, plainly evident in his latest body of work.

A sense is conveyed of his great love for the human spirit, along with a playful sense of humour.

The E-Type Boys live are a powerful rock band, a Wild Funk outfit, tight and direct.

Plus support from Gil Karpas

Please note that this is a STANDING EVENT.

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Please note that this is a STANDING EVENT.

Box Office & Bar open 7pm. Show starts 8pm.

Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult

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