Fen to Fringe

Date:Wed 25 & Thu 26 Jul
Venue:J2 & J3
Price:£10 | £8 (con)

Over each of two nights we present a double-bill of theatre and comedy, plus bite-size delights for you to browse, such as you might experience if you were spending an evening at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

All of these shows are made by local theatre makers and all of them are going up to the Fringe in August – but you get to see them here first.

A ticket gets you into both shows on offer that evening. (A visit to My Heart, My Heart - Live Poetry Jukebox is first come first served and bookable on the night – slots are limited and may not be available to everybody). There will also be interval entertainment in the foyer each evening.

All work in Fen to Fringe is presented by members of Troop, Cambridge Junction's Artist Membership scheme more info


Wednesday 25th July

Dressed presented by ThisEgg
7-8pm  | J2

Dressed is a true story told with tender intimacy by four women who have been friends since school. After being stripped at gun point, Lydia set out to redress herself with a new healing set of armour. Lydia now only wears clothes she has made. Multi-award winning ThisEgg combine choreography, live sewing, comedy and original music to celebrate the power clothes have to define us, to liberate us, to hide us and to embellish us.

For Me & My Bee:
**** The Scotsman | **** The Stage | “A rarity... ” Lyn Gardner for the Guardian | "completely in awe" A Younger Theatre

Coccinellidae presented by The Cutlery Crew
8.30-9.30pm | J3

A 6ft woman, a sex doll and a 3 ft vulva take on femininity.
What if we maximised a woman rather than shrinking her?
Join Amanda and Chantelle; an inflatable sex doll on a physical romp as they explore femininity's obsession with smallness. With a wardrobe like Narnia on acid, movement, a sex doll,  a 3 foot vulva and a soundscape featuring women from all over the world, Coccinellidae dares us to all become BIG women, unapologetic and ready to unite.
Let's go BIG!

Thursday 26th July

Dysney Disfunction presented by Michelle Sewell
7-8pm | J3

In Brexit Britain happily ever after (and UK residency) is just a marriage visa away. But Australian Alice's visa expires today and she's only got Primark flats for glass slippers, an Oyster card for a pumpkin coach and a prince who won't twerk. Love, Alice thinks, is a fairy tale. Visa-less and forced to return to a country she doesn't call home anymore, she waits at the tube for Prince Charming to rescue her. Alice quickly learns love changes people and childhood stories have no place in the adult world. Created by Malcolm Bradbury Award winner Michelle Sewell.

The Butterfly Effect presented by Juliette Burton
8.30-9.30pm | J3

Join award-winning comedian Juliette Burton for her Edinburgh Fringe sell-out show in which she investigates the power of kindness. At a time when most of us find it hard enough being kind to ourselves – let alone others – is being nice outdated? Or can we still connect and change lives for the better? Juliette finds out whether kindness holds the power to change lives, cure mental health, make friends, restore hope, dispel despair, end poverty and even defeat death. It's a tall order for a comedy show but when it comes to entertainment, Juliette is fearless! It's her kind of thing. Would you #DareToBeKind?

Winner: Voice Mag Pick of the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 & Spirit of the Bedford Festival Fringe 2017
"Huge talent" ★★★★★ Daily Mirror | "Hilarious" ★★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine | "Liberating" ★★★★ Voice Mag


Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th July
My Heart, My Heart - Live Poetry Jukebox

6.30-10pm The Hub (mezzanine) - (drop-in performance installation)

An interactive installation combining poetry, visual art and perfomance.

In need of food for thought? Or food for the soul? Looking for exhilaration? Or a moment of contemplation? Craving a laugh? Or a cry - or both? Live Poetry Jukebox is a performance installation by theatre maker Adie Mueller and designer Trui Malten. Enter the Jukebox, browse a display of jars in which miniature scenes have been preserved, and a poem will be performed for you according to which jar you pick.

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Suitable for ages 16+. 

Warning: Dressed presented by ThisEgg explores themes of rape and sexual assault which some audience members may find distressing.

Bar and box office open 1 hour before event start time.

All prices shown include booking fees.


ThisEgg & Stefanie Mueller: UNCONDITIONAL

Thu 27 Sep

Real life mother and daughter, Steffi and Josie, stand together to face the monsters.


Keisha Thompson: Man on the Moon

Tue 30 Oct

A journey through space and time, fuelled by love, fear and Afro-futurism.