Irving's Access the Arts Fund

Through Cambridge Junction, Irving's Access to the Arts Fund will support young people with disabilities, who live in Cambridgeshire and its neighbouring area, to access arts activities to help them realise their creativity.

Irving is a member of the Cambridge Junctions staff team and ten years ago he was a founder member of the Junction's disability arts group, Total Arts, of which he is still a member. He has recently crowdfunded £25,000 for a new wheelchair that will bring him to a standing position, something many people take for granted.

Having reached the fundraising target for his new wheelchair, undeterred by lockdown, Irving hosted a night of comedy to raise money for a new fund to support local young people with disabilities access the arts, that have made such a difference to his life. It was a great night streamed through Facebook featuring Harry Hill, Lost Voice Guy, Richard Herring, Rosie Jones, Lucy Porter, Jonathan Pie, The King's Singers, Aaron Simmonds and Simon Panrucker. 


Please consider making a donation to Irving's Access the Arts Fund!


  • £500 could fund one person with disabilities to attend an Arts-based workshop for a term
  • £1500 could fund one person with disabilities to attend an Arts-based workshop for a year
  • £5000 could pay for a high-quality professional artist to deliver a terms worth of activity
  • £10,000 could fund a whole group of people with disabilities to attend Total Arts for a year
  • £20,000 could enable us to deliver filmmaking projects with SEND schools, hospital schools and alternative provisions over the course of a year