With over 100,000 visitors in a typical year, Cambridge Junction is a fantastic place to get your name and brand in the city.

We are rooted in our community and have a positive relationship with our visitors and creative partners. Like you, we are committed to making Cambridge a better place for everybody to live in, so sponsoring Cambridge Junction is undoubtedly one of the best possible opportunities to tell the citizens of Cambridge who you are, and that you care about them.

There are so many different ways you can engage with us and the people who use our venue through sponsorship. Whether it’s sponsoring a specific programme, such as Total Arts (our regular filmmaking group for disabled young people), co-commissioning a brand new piece of theatre, or by funding one of our apprentices, we can help you to elevate your brand while you support a really vital cause for our city.

And because we’re a venue, our sponsorship packages can include some really exciting things for your staff, such as hospitality opportunities, employee benefits and free tickets!

Get in touch with Liz Hughes at [email protected] to discuss sponsorship at Cambridge Junction.

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