Ridgefield Primary School: News News News

News News News was a live television news show made for adults by children with the help of an audience of local people, from parents and teachers to local MPs and other members of the community.

In the weeks prior to the performance the children had travelled across the city, interviewing people and investigating stories that mattered to them on subjects from homelessness to climate change, with the results filmed and edited and shown as part of their live broadcast.

The press have had a tough time in the last few years, and not just because of Donald Trump and his endless cries of ‘fake news’. At times it seems the internet has taught us to mistrust anyone and anything that contradicts what we already think or feel, leaving us more fractured and isolated than ever before. At their best both journalism and theatre are ways bringing us together, to listen to voices other than our own. But whether either is currently doing so is questionable. This show was intended as something of a fresh start; an attempt to give the kids a chance, and see if they can’t help us find a solution to some of the problems that continue to divide us.

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