Olive Academy: 2022


At Cambridge Junction, the creative learning team believe fiercely in the transformative power of the arts. We believe in championing the full breadth of young people that Cambridge homes, and through a varied mix of projects we have something for everyone. 

We are specifically interested in engaging young people that are in danger of being left behind. We recognise that the positive impact of the arts is often most keenly felt by those whose voices are heard less.

In May 2021, learners from Olive Alternative Provision Academy Cambridge (Olive Academy, formerly TBAP), came to Cambridge Junction for a 2-week arts based learning project. The young people at Olive Academy are not currently in the mainstream education system due to exclusion.

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Olive Academy 2022

Behind The Scenes

Through participation in theatre and film making workshops, and using the arts as a vehicle for self-expression, the programme offered the young people a safe space, contrary to the constraints often experienced in other aspects of their lives, in which they could begin to exercise agency, explore their own values, feel empowered and have their voices heard. On top of this, 78% of participants completed their Bronze Arts Award.

Through a process of co-creation, the talented young people decided to produce a short film which shed light on the inequality of Cambridge and the unseen truths which lie beneath the glorified universities. We also captured a documentary film of the process, told through the voices of the learners.


Behind the scenes Olive Academy 2022

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