Scottee & Friends LTD: Working Class Dinner Party

Date:Wed 04 Dec
Price:Pay What You Feel

You are invited to dinner with Scottee in which he and his guests will talk about the C word …class!

Scottee grew up and lived in social housing for 31 of the 33 years he has been alive.

His dad is a roofer, his mum works for the council, Scottee now works in the arts and so middle class people keep telling him he can’t be working class anymore.

Joined by working class artists, thinkers and fakers we explore what it means to grow up on a council estate, who creates the definitions of working class identity and why learning how to be posh in an art world gets you places.

Whilst Scottee and his invited guests chew down into social politics you are encouraged to join the conversation and ask questions - you can also sit on your hands and do nothing.

Part show, part discussion and at some point a take away will arrive to feed us all – a dinner party that Nigella would wince at.

We’ll talk for a bit, ask questions and then we’ll eat pizza.

From this autumn you can Pay What You Feel for the majority of our arts programme, with tickets from £2.50. All seating is unreserved and every ticket receives the same great experience. So whether you’re feeling flush or short on cash, you can come with us on some amazing artistic journeys.

Theatre Reviews for Previous Work

“Scottee’s work often comes in camouflage. Its flippancy conceals its fight. It’s how he reaches people.”
Guardian on Bravado

“Brave, heartfelt and full of integrity.”
The Scotsman on The Worst of Scottee

“Deeply moving and strikingly intelligent theatre-making – and one that might well be Scottee’s most impressive feat.”
Exeunt on Putting Words in Your Mouth

“Angry, lovable and tender act of theatrical consciousness-raising”
★★★★ Guardian on Fat Blokes

“The most important performance art show I’ve ever seen”
Attitude on Bravado

“Good shows might deliver us differing opinions within its text. Great shows play with that delivery, twisting your mind, altering your perception. This is certainly a great show.”
A Younger Theatre on Putting Words in Your Mouth

★★★★ “A poignant, unsentimental exploration of fat queer masculinity… Excellently interweaves dance and personal memories.”
The Stage on Fat Blokes

Originally commissioned by The Marlborough Theatre’s ‘Young, Queer and Skint’ season

Age: 13+ (As this is a discussion, content can be unpredictable and therefore swearing could be included.)

Duration: 1hour 20 minutes (no interval)

Box office and bar open 1 hour before event start time.

All prices shown include booking fees.


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