METIS: Wild Dress

Date:Sat 24 Jul 2021
Time:2 - 5pm
Venue:CoFarm Cambridge
Price:Free (ticketed)

Walk wild landscapes in your imagination with Kate Fletcher, author and Professor of Sustainability, Design, Fashion at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, University of the Arts London. A collaboration with Cambridge Junction Associate Artist Zoë Svendsen, and sound designer Carolyn Downing. 

Wild Dress, published in 2019, uses clothes as a way into a changed understanding of the natural world, stitching  together experiences of bodies and landscapes through the medium of what we wear.  

We are at the first stages of creating a sonic performance piece that explores these texts in varying environments; making with, as well as, for our audiences. 

We would like to invite you to be part of our first audience - and to draw on your experience of listening to Wild Dress to shape the next stage of the performance development. 

Come to CoFarm Cambridge on Sat 24 July 2021 to walk and listen - wander the hybrid landscapes of Coldham’s Common and then return to share your thoughts with us (either by chatting it through with us or in writing). We will provide biscuits (please bring a flask of tea to go with them!)

"I think we need some hybrid vigour… a nature-culture hybrid which bleeds through seams, races into a weave and labours into a garment’s cut. A hybrid with a more integrated relationship with the natural world. This is how I want to dress. A wardrobe that welcomes wildness." Kate Fletcher, ‘Wilding Clothing’, Wild Dress (2019)

Support CoFarm Cambridge: So far, over 200 volunteers have come together to grow over 4.5 tonnes of fresh, local produce for 8 community food hubs in support of people experiencing food insecurity in Cambridge during the pandemic. Please help us to double our harvest in 2021.

Developed by METIS; produced by Artsadmin, presented by Cambridge Junction.

Publicly funded through Arts Council England. 

Photo credit: Charlie Meecham

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Please note - this event takes place at CoFarm Cambridge

Download the CoFarm site location and access document HERE 

Book a 40 minute slot to listen to between two and three Wild Dress recordings for 30 minute and then follow it with a 10 minute conversation with one of the project team to share experiences and reflections.

Full details of the event will be emailed to bookers ahead of the date.


Developed by METIS; produced by Artsadmin, presented by Cambridge Junction.

Directed by Zoë Svendsen, METIS is a performing arts company creating interdisciplinary performance projects through rigorous research. A fascination with maps, space, technology, travel and history drives our work in a range of media. METIS involves a network of artists, creating richly detailed audience experiences. 

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Publicly funded through Arts Council England. 


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