Unkindest Cut: Harm and Harmony in your Head – Panel Discussion

Date:Wed 13 Mar

What has been going on in the shipping container outside Cambridge Junction? The Unkindest Cut installation and performance explores how our own minds cope – and sometimes don’t – with modern life, confronting audiences with complex issues around young people and mental health.

Join artist Subathra Subramaniam, clinical psychiatrist Dr Partha Banerjea from the Maudsley Hospital in London, who advised on the project and neuroscientists from the University of Cambridge to discuss the themes that inspired the work and the part that dance and art can play in understanding and sharing experience of mental health.

Presented as Part of The Cambridge Science Festival

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Age: 13+

Duration: 1 hour

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the sensitive themes discussed, some audience members may find the panel discussion upsetting.