London Artists Projects: Truth to Power Café

Date:Wed 25 Sep
Price:Pay What You Feel

Truth to Power Café is a new international performance event mixing memoir, image, poetry, music, and live and spontaneous testimony from participants of all beliefs and backgrounds speaking truth to power in response to the question ‘who has power over you and what do you want to say to them?'

Speaking truth to power is a non-violent means of conflict resolution; the origins of which lie in the anti-war movement. In our era of post-truth, and fake-news, speaking truth to power is widely accepted to mean saying something to those in a position of trust or authority who don’t want to hear it.

Is it to your parents, a sibling, politician, lover, landlord, neighbour, religious leader, boss, banker, or simply your best friend?

It’s time to tell them the truth before it’s too late.

Truth to Power Café is inspired by the political and philosophical beliefs of Nobel prize winning playwright Harold Pinter and his Hackney Gang. The Gang included Jeremy Goldstein’s late father Mick, and poet polymath Henry Woolf, who at 89 is the last surviving member of the Gang, and whose poetry Jeremy performs in the show as the real-life son of the Hackney Gang.

Participants are cast in advance and will be drawn from the radical imaginations, institutions and residents from within the many and varied communities of Cambridge Junction. To sign up visit


From this autumn you can Pay What You Feel for the majority of our arts programme, with tickets from £2.50. All seating is unreserved and every ticket receives the same great experience. So whether you’re feeling flush or short on cash, you can come with us on some amazing artistic journeys.

“The revolutionary potential of theatre at its best and most direct”
Lyn Gardner, Guardian

“Jeremy’s project of gathering, then detonating, driven, compassionate and articulate voices of dissent has produced pure, theatrical gold.” 

★★★★★ Sasha de Suinn The Gay UK

 Goldstein, 48, is a Sydney-reared, London based theatre producer turned performer whose commitment to truth and belief in the transformative power of the word – along with the artist’s responsibility to tell it like it is – underpins a project that has wowed audiences…It’s a call to self expression, an opportunity to name what might be unconscious or tough to acknowledge – a nonviolent way of taking a stand and a way to mobilise society around change.”

Jane Cornwell, The Australian 

“Emotional and moving, Goldstein’s ‘Truth to Power Cafe’ is inspirational. As each speaker finishes, the mood in the room becomes increasingly electric, charged with an air of defiance and empowerment. This is amplified when Goldstein gives a final rallying call, “Blow our Trumpets Angels”, accompanied to David Bowie’s song ‘Heroes’. It soon becomes clear that each person who steps onto the stage is a hero. They are all resolutely defiant and inspirational.” 

Nicola Brierley, Theplaysthething, Manchester


Warning: occasional adult themes

Age: 14+

Duration: 60 mins (no interval)

Box office and bar open 1 hour before event start time.


Truth to Power Café is a London Artists Projects production developed with Harold Pinter Archive at the British Library London; Theatre in the Mill, Bradford; Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games; and Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture in The Netherlands.

Created by Jeremy Goldstein

Verse: Henry Woolf

Director: Jen Heyes

Photography: Sarah Hickson

Banners: Ed Hall

Lighting: Nigel Edwards 

Music: David Bowie and Sven Ratzke