Total Arts Film Festival 2019

“It was an amazing experience. My favourite part was when I was presenting it, that was lovely, and I organised everything. When I was presenting I made some of it up using my mind and I got a big laugh. It was amazing. Also I loved handing out the award.”

“I felt very proud of the Festival. We all worked very hard and everything was very good. I’m really happy with it.”

“I have so many highlights from the Festival. The films, they all spoke out to me in some sort of way. And my interview with Matt Burman [Artistic Director of Cambridge Junction].”

“My highlight was Oliver’s speech about representation [of autistic people on screen and on set]. That hit very close to home for me.”

Total Arts is Cambridge Junction’s fortnightly arts group for young people with a range of disabilities. Total Arts engages and empowers young people through high quality artistic activity led by the young people and supported by professional artists, achieving strong artistic outcomes and enhancing the confidence, communication and wellbeing of the young people involved.

In 2017 for the first time, Total Arts organised a screening at the Light Cinema Cambridge of their own films and the films made as a result of a term-long film-making project Cambridge Junction embarked on in Spring Common SEN School. In 2018 the first full Film Festival took shape. The Total Arts group supported Cambridge Junction’s professional film-makers, running film-making workshops for five schools and groups of young people with learning disabilities. The first Festival; showcased 15 films made by young people with disabilities and more from those inspired by the Festival call out.

2019 has seen us run workshops in seven SEND and hospital schools, working with over 100 young people, and creating some amazing films – many of which were shared at the Festival. Call-outs for entries saw films pour in from across the East of England, and for the first time ever, we received far more entries than we were able to screen.

Across the two day Festival we had a range of screenings, talks, film-making and behind-the-scenes workshops and gave out some exciting awards...|

Total Arts Film Festival Awards
For the first time ever, this year the Total Arts participants awarded a series of Oscars to participating film-makers to celebrate their achievements. The group were supported in the selection of the award winners by Director of the Raindance Film Festival, David Martinez, who presented the awards alongside the group at the red carpet film screening on the 9th July screening.

Awards won by:


Awarded by


People’s Vote

Chris & Maddy

Granta – Making Ourselves

Best Actor


Comberton Cabin – Time Waster

Best Experimental Film


Phoenix Centre – Recover

Best Hero


Romsey Mill – It’s Never Too Late

Best Animation


Spring Common – The Horrid Crew

Best Jump Scare


St Peter’s – The Haunting of Mr Stitch

The Tess Downes Award for Artistic Vision


Granta – Making Ourselves

Best Cinematography


Castle School – A Conversation for Another Day

Loudest Laugh

Oliver & Irving

Melbourn Cabin – Coffee Heist

Best Writing


Total Arts – The Humalien

The standard of films this year were incredible both Total Arts & Cambridge Junction would like to pass on a massive congratulations to everyone who submitted a film to the Festival.

With special thanks to the funders and supporters of the Total Arts Film Festival, and of Cambridge Junction’s film-making projects with young people who face a range of barriers in their lives.