Tony Law: A Lost Show

Date:Wed 18 Jul
Time:9pm - 10pm

This is a journey through the side and under mind. Cold fresh pillow. Come. Under radar fresh for you.

Tony doesn't have the vocabulary or word learning training to express the powerful towering healing depths of the ancient soul unity snap. Watch him and through laugh, rise, happier. You cry, with laugh. "What was that?" "I loved that" Then you smile to self "Tony you grande dickhead you all making me thinking while you do up voice shouting n clowns about and somehow, through idiocy and bones made of funny, TONE I know what you meAn.

He's funny of a kind.





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Age: 16+

Bar and box office open 1 hour before event start time.

All prices shown include booking fees.

Moonshine Brewery provide the beer for our outdoor beer garden. Renowned local restauranteur La Maison Du Steak and Pull Me Chéri will be serving up some delicious French street food from their vintage Renault Estafette inside the beer garden. Caffe Mobile will offer a selection of homemade cakes and pastries as well as freshly ground coffee whilst local ice cream supremo Jack’s Gelato will present a mouthwatering selection of unusual flavours.