Toko Telo

Date:Thu 26 Apr

The best of Madagascar: Soulful traditions reinvented with sublime artistry

A dazzling all-star trio from an exceptionally rich musical country, Toko Telo features the stunning guitar work of D’Gary, accordion wizardry from Regis Gizavo and soulful vocals from Monika Njava. Honoured at home and acclaimed abroad, these heroes of Madagascan music come together with Toko Telo (‘group of three’) to revisit their shared southern roots. Interpreting traditional musical styles like tsapiky, jihe and beko with sublime musicianship and artistry, Toko Telo provide the perfect introduction to some of the best music that Madagascar can offer.

“The voice of Madagascar.” - Afropop Worldwide on Monika Njava

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“The voice of Madagascar.” - Afropop Worldwide on Monika Njava

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