Team memberships

Staff team at an event with Figs in Wigs theatre group wearing green wigs

No Booking Fees (save up to £5 per order)

Priority Booking for selected events

Limited Edition Canvas Bag

& Pin Badge when you join

Membership newsletter with discounts and updates

Team memberships are an excellent perk for your staff! It's a great way to encourage your team to engage with culture, go out together, and relax when they're not at work.

Our memberships start from £40 per person and include the listed benefits for each member.


● No Booking Fees, saving an average of £3.75 per ticket booked

● Priority Booking for selected shows & gigs

● Staff picks: regular updates on our work & ticket offer emails


Can be used for work trips to see a show, family outings to see a performance in our family programme, or to go to a gig with friends. Plus, companies with membership of Cambridge Junction also get the benefit of centralised membership management, the ability to swap names when somebody leaves, and quarterly check-ins to ensure your staff list is sitll up to date.


If you would like to find out more of get a quote for a staff membership for your team, contact Sophie Channon on

Image: Team members from Stobbs IP at an event with Figs in Wigs