Made In China: Super Duper Close Up

Date:Sat 26 May
Price:Festival Pass £20 (£15 con)


Presented by Made In China

We all want to star in the movie of our life. Used to be a dream, something we'd do in our minds. Now it's a matter of fact: day by day, selfie after selfie, post after post. Except it never quite comes out like it does in the movies, the magazine shoots, the adverts.

So Made In China set out to do it properly. Or, a bit more properly. They hired a DoP, a cameraman, they storyboarded a whole movie, and committed to shooting it night by night during the 90 minutes of their next show. Because film studios are, like, expensive.

Welcome to Super Duper Close Up. Tonight we were supposed to be shooting the Party Musical Extravaganza scene, but unfortunately we're behind schedule, so you'll be watching us finish scene 5a: Jess walks into a bar and has a drink alone.

Super Duper Close Up is a new show about the complexities of feeling looked at, represented or refracted everywhere you turn - but rarely seen. It will use live film-making, choreography and Made In China’s trademark barbed wit and looping narratives, to carry audiences on a Lynchian ride through the looking glass of the internet browser, who let's face it we spend more time with than our dearest loved ones.

Super Duper Close Up asks what happens images are absorbed and reabsorbed, sometimes on manic repeat, permeating our psyche with such force that we feel we can’t escape them? How does the designed, curated, airbrushed world collide with the mess of the real? And what links are there between a world experienced in this way and extreme states of anxiety and sleep disorder?

Part of WATCH OUT 2018

‘Latowicki has a magnetic, often eerie calmness about her'
Younger Theatre

‘Slippery and teasing, murderously entertaining, and very, very uncomfortable to watch. Just as it is supposed to be.’
The Guardian on Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me

‘This is a show the elevates the what-the-hell-am-I-looking-at to an artform…breathtakingly subversive.. think Eurotrash but for kids’
Time Out on Double Double Act

‘genuinely suggestive and leaves a flavour of quizzical dissent…true theatricality'
The Observer on Get Stuff Break Free

Age: 12+ (swearing/adult themes)

Duration: 30 mins

All prices shown include booking fees.

By Made In China. The show is being supported by The Yard Theatre, Arts Council England, SleepCity/The Sleep and Brain Plasticity Centre King’s College and Cambridge Junction.