POPlitical Banner: Lost Nights & Love Songs

We are creating a banner that tells the story of 30 years of the Cambridge Junction and are inviting you to add YOUR most memorable Junction experience to help us make it.

Inspired by Grayson Perry, Vince Laws, The Durham Miners' Gala and community made political banners world-wide, we invite our audiences to get creative and be a part of the Cambridge Junction POPlitical banner.

Whether you were at the Cambridge Riots that led to the Junction being built, at the opening night, having your first kiss, meeting your idol, graffiting the loo walls, supporting an activism event,  performing on stage, dancing all night or getting thrown out for throwing up on the dance floor - from lost nights to love songs - if it's part of your story, we want it on the banner!

You can use whatever materials you like in any style you like (batik, embroidery, knitting, fabric paints, collage, screen print ...) Material already cut into the correct dimensions can be collected at Cambridge Junction, however if you would like to start making your own creations we have three panel dimensions you need to work to.

  • 20cm x 20cm
  • 20cm x 40cm
  • 40cm x 40cm


Just make sure that you keep within these dimensions of the material, as we won't be able to use any pieces smaller or larger than the material panels provided/your own creations that are not one of the above dimentions.

When you have finished your artwork please return it to Cambridge Junction along with the consent form.

Once completed, all the artwork will be displayed at Cambridge Junction and the Museum of Cambridge - celebrating the history of Cambridge - and the people who made it. You will be able to view the banner in a 'work-in-progress' stage as part of the Cambridge Junction's 30th birthday party celebrations on 14th February 2020 at the venue.

If you need any inspiration please visit our Facebook Group 'Celebrating 30 Years of Cambridge Junction'.

If you would like to discuss ideas or share your progress please join our POPlitical Banner Project Facebook Group.