Over the Moon

Date:Sun 15 Sep
Time:10.30am | 12.30pm | 2.30pm
Price:£15 (baby & carer)

by Hurly Burly Co.

Over the Moon weaves together gentle classical music with familiar nursery rhymes and games in an interactive musical adventure for babies.

Join us for musical tickling, stretching, chomping and stamping as we journey together through the day: waking, eating, playing and sleeping.

With music by Debussy, Ravel, Humperdink and Monteverdi alongside folk songs, nursery rhymes and music composed by the company. The show lasts 40 minutes and includes a chance to get comfy beforehand and play together at the end.


Ticket price is for a baby and 1 carer.

Audience Feedback

'Sublime singing which will stay with the children.’

'My twin boys were captivated, they really never sit that still. For me it was so uplifting to hear beautiful operatic song in an environment where the boys were welcome and comfortable. A wonderful treat for us all.’

'My baby was mesmerised by the beautiful singing and magical colours.'

Age: 0-2 yrs

Ticket price is for a baby and 1 carer.

Limited capacity.


About the Company
Hurly Burly Co. was formed by classically trained singers Sarah Forbes and Catherine Carter. The company creates interactive theatre for young audiences with live performance of existing classical opera/song at the core of the work as well as incorporating physical theatre, improvisation, movement and spoken word.

Over the Moon was commissioned by Celebrate Voice Festival in Salisbury.


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