Get Outa Town

Art worth leaving town to see

May 2016

NNF is the East region’s international arts festival, and the fourth biggest in the UK. There’s a huge range of work on offer this year across many artforms from classical music to literature and spoken word to visual art, theatre, dance and outdoor arts.
It’s impossible to recommend one event so instead here’s a quick overview of the shows we are most looking forward to seeing, including several by regional artists & companies (we’ve marked these *)

Aurélien Bory Sans Objet – 17th – 18th May
Campo with NNF Wild Life – 19th – 29th May
Curious Directive Spindrift* - 25th – 29th May
NNF’s production of The Tempest* -  9th – 21st May
Tilted BELONGING(s)* – 21st – 22nd May

The Tempest takes place in the Great Yarmouth’s Hippodrome Circus, Britain’s last surviving ‘total circus’ building which still has a floodable arena.