Anuvab Pal: The Empire

Date:Fri 27 Apr

Anuvab Pal, one of India’s top stand up comedians is on a journey to understand why he has no country of his own. The British came and gave him a colonial accent, British values, decorum, all that and left. He lives in contemporary India – a billion confident humans fed on social media, American consumerism and way past their colonial hangover. How does this man still under the influence- the British influence – survive in ‘New India’? Nobody knows, the least of all him.

Yes, the British came to India, they saw, but who conquered? Nobody knows. The quest for Empire and The Empire striking back is the journey of this stand up special. Who says the tragedies of history aren’t comedy? Everyone. Oh well, too late.
Come and see one of India’s hottest talents as he warms up for his London debut at Soho theatre!
"India's Most Intelligent Comedian" - The New York Times | "India's answer to British wit" - The BBC 

“Incredible. A mind bogglingly funny and necessary take on the British Empire in India”
Financial Times


"A mad genius"
Times Of India

Age: 15+

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