A Girl and A Gun

Date:Thu 08 Mar
Price:£12.50 (£8 con)

by Louise Orwin

‘All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun’  Jean- Luc Goddard

Last year, Louise started seeing girls and guns everywhere. She obsessed over them on YouTube, marveled over them in music videos, felt a bit disgusted about them in video games, and tried not to see them in hardcore porn. She began to ponder what it was about that coupling that was so attractive. And she wondered whether Goddard was right.

This is a show about girls and guns. It’s a show that asks two people to take to the stage and play out a film script in front of you. It wonders what the difference might be in watching something on screen and experiencing something live. It is a show that asks what it means to be a hero, what it means to be a plot device, and what it means to watch.

This show is a challenge to Goddard, every other film which stars girls and guns as plot devices, and the audiences that watch them. It is also an admission and manifestation of ambiguity: Louise’s own confusion, as a woman, at being simultaneously repulsed and attracted to the kind of imagery and archetypes the show explores.

Expect gun-twirlin’, play-actin’ and Nancy-Sinatra- dancin’.

And me. And you.

One woman, one unprepared male performer and one film script. This is a show that asks what it means to be a 'hero' or a plot device, and what it means to watch.


Part of International Women's Day 2018

“Like an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway devised by Marina Abramovic”
The Guardian

‘a witty, sexy and sometimes sad dissection of screen sexuality’

‘It is a very clever thing’
Megan Vaugh, Synonyms for Churlish

Age: 14+ (WARNING: Contains images of sexual violence)

Duration: 1 hr 10

Bar and Box Ofiice open 1 hour before show start time.

All prices shown include booking fees.

Commissioned by Contact. Supported by Arts Council England, BUZZCUT festival, Camden People’s Theatre.