Anna Brownsted: My Vinyl Ate Your MP3

Date:Sat 26 May
Price:Festival Pass £20 (£15 con)

Presented by Anna Brownsted

My Vinyl Ate Your MP3 is a public debate, with a really good soundtrack.  Lay your musical taste on the chopping block as we democratically determine the top 5 Most Significant Songs of the Last 40 Years. You’re invited to wax lyrical (or vehemently defend) your favourite tunes, but we’ve only got an hour to complete the list, so be prepared to put the needle on the record to sway the vote.  

This is not a performance, this is war!

My Vinyl Ate Your MP3 is part of an R&D project exploring the possibilities for making a collaboratively devised sequel to NASA’s Golden Record.  Sent into space aboard the Voyager in 1977, the Golden Record is an ambitious time capsule of carefully selected images, greetings, sounds and music intended to communicate the story of humanity to extraterrestrials. It’s been 40 years since NASA launched this message in bottle into the cosmic ocean and a lot has changed down here on earth…what do the extraterrestrials need to know about us now? 

Anna is a Cambridge-based artist working with a diverse range of media including sound, installation, video, participation and performance.  This project is supported by Arts Council England.

part of WATCH OUT 2018

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Age: 18+

Duration: 50 mins

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