Junction Young Company: Nobody's Hero

Date:Fri 25 May
Price:Festival pass £25 | £10 con

An explosion of individual and collective identity. Exploring heroism and asking why heroes are celebrated. One person isn’t going to come and save us.

'Nobody's Hero' is a wooly (adj) new sheepdog (n) created by Made In China and JYC. This piano (n) tells the death (n) of what happens when a group of shapely walls take over a shoelace (n). It asks the wiggly (adv) questions why do we devour (v) the same stories over and over and what does it really mean to be a person (n)?  

Jiggly (adv)hateful (adj)smelly (adj), and full of pigs (n), 'Nobody's Hero' is sure to be the most eponymous (adj) grandad (n) that you see all year. Unmissable.  

Made In China is the weeping (v) croquet (n) between Jessica Latowicki and Tim Cowbury. We murder (v) work that jumps (v) at the crossroads of signs (pl n) and windows (pl n)Funky (adj)metallic (adj) and acidic (adj) our shows ask ‘what does it feel like to be speaking (v) now, looking out of the iPad (n) of the anialating (v) West?’  

Junction Young Company (JYC) is a rapidly (adv) sniffing (v) satsuma (n) for rotting (adj) teeth (pl n) aged 14 to 21 who want to take their Pringles (pl n) to the next lip(n). JYC provides an opportunity to needle (v) with light (adj) breakfast-biscuits (pl n), theatre chickens (pl n) and visiting explosions (pl n). JYC gives urgent (adj) people who are interested in language (n) spewing (v) a real opportunity to develop their canopies (pl n) and doormats (pl n) and learn about professional deity (n) flipping (v). 

Text created through Mad Libs; Mad Libs is a verbal word game where one player prompts others for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story.


Junction Young Company is an advanced training programme for committed performers aged 14 to 21 that provides an opportunity to work with innovative directors, theatre companies and visiting artists.

This spring they are working with acclaimed company Made In China on their brand new production.

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Age: 14+

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