Illustration workshop: Constructing our narratives

Date:Sat 22 Jun
Time:11am - 1.30pm
Venue:The Hub
Price:Free (ticketed)

Tired of people chatting for you, not finding content that speaks to you or about you?  No platform, so you stay begging? Let’s build our own! This is an interactive workshop on self-led work and the importance it has in the process of healing, archiving and ancestral work. Lived experiences should be at the front!

Ornella will share how their doodles came to be and how we can better support each other in our community. There is space for all of us to create, so let us do it.

About workshop lead: Ornella Ospino is a non-binary trans AfroColombian soft boi, community organiser, activist and self-taught digital illustrator based in London, UK.

Their art is a reflection of their experiences as a queer, black, trans, and a child of Colombian Caribbean migrant. Ornella centres these narratives, which are overwhelmingly never featured in art.

Their doodles focus on black gender non-conforming bodies, to document their existence, lives, feelings and emotions. They began doing these to not only archive the existences of these bodies but also as a method of communal healing.

Art material will be provided. No previous experience of illustration required.


part of queer qandī fest 

queer qandī fest is an arts and activism festival celebrating queers of colour, envisioning queer futures, highlighting creative forces and constructing new narratives and representations. On the 3rd day of the festival we'll be at Cambridge Junction, where you bring your ingenious ideas and get inspired at the workshops during the day. In the evening we will get into the celebration mode to tunes played by DJ Lucious and performances by The Kings Of Colour Initiative. 

All members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies are welcome to the club event. Workshops are also open to all members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies unless stated otherwise. 

Please note that this workshop is only open for participants who identify as people of colour (POC LGBTQ+ and POC allies).

For ages 14+