FILM: Femme Ecrite (Morocco: Amazigh/Arabic)

Date:Sun 17 Feb
Time:6 - 8pm
Price:£8 | £6 (student)

Director: Lahcen Zinoun

The film is centered on an Amazigh poet, marginalised by her profession as a prostitute, whose body is tattooed – inscription/writing of her story and of history.

It is based on multiple quests – mystical, historical, cultural – through an anthropologist who travels to the Atlas Mountains to investigate the life of Mririda N’Aït Attik who passed away around 1930. Seeking an actress for the film he wishes to make to pay homage to this figure, he falls madly in love with Adjou Aït Ashaak, a prostitute who works in the same brothel as Mririda did. Through their conversations, the viewer learns about the signification of her tattoos (images/signs), the danger of erasing such a heritage, the power of the arts to which the film refers: painting, writing, literature, music, dance, which help reach other dimensions, align the individual with telluric forces, inscribe wounds to better transgress them. The migration of one art form to another brings about exile and recalls the values of many facets of Moroccan identity, and the importance of halting violence.

Film selected by: Dr Sami Everett, Faculty of Asian & Middle East Studies, the University of Cambridge & Dr Vanessa Paloma Elbaz, Faculty of Music, the University of Cambridge.

FILM OFFER: See all 3 films - £17 General admission / £11.50 Students


The 4th Ahbab Festival returns to Cambridge for Valentine's weekend 2019 to celebrate Middle Eastern and North African Culture in music, film and discussion with a broad selection of artists from an even broader geography.  

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