Felix Peckitt: The Goldilocks Mixer

Date:Fri 26 & Sat 27 Apr
Time:4 - 8pm (Fri) | 1 - 6pm (Sat)
Venue:J2 Mezzanine
Price:Festival Day Pass: £12.50 | £8 cons

Felix Peckitt is a poet, techie, and ticcer with a keen interest is breaking down barriers in communication across varying cultures, disciplines and abilities using data, art and participation.

The Goldilocks Mixer is a sound installation by Felix Peckitt that challenges audiences and participants to think about how sound can welcome or isolate people in shared spaces like cafes, theatres and libraries.

You approach the installation. Through headphones sounds greet you from all sides. Traffic, conversation, machinery, music. On the table are objects which shift the balance of the sounds in the space.
Can you find your ideal soundscape, where the balance is just right? Will you discover your Goldilocks Mix? Or will you have to compromise...

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