Date:Sun 29 Apr
Time:11.30am & 2.30pm
Price:£10 adult | £6 child | 15% off group of 4 (max. 2 adults)

by Mamoru Iriguchi 

What if your food started talking back? Meet Lionel the lion. He’s just eaten a human called Mamoru for lunch. But Lionel hasn’t chewed his food well. So Mamoru’s alive and well in his stomach, and now wants to say hello.

Donning a lion costume, Mamoru Iriguchi simultaneously plays the roles of the eater (Lionel the lion who dreams of being a vegetarian) and the eaten (Mamoru the human who loves meat). A Surrealist dialogue about food occurs between the predator and his prey, locked in one body.

Occasionally interrupted by a haunting Conceptual Cow who represents all the cows eaten by Lionel or Mamoru in the past, strange friendship between the eater and the eaten starts to grow. … until Mamoru gets totally digested. Lionel’s sorrow over the loss of his best friend, cannot last too long however, as Dr Poo emerges from his bottom with a triumphant fart.

With surrealist humour, and an imaginative storyline, Iriguchi – together with director Eilidh MacAskill and a co-performer Suzi Cunningham – invites children and grown-ups to the fascinating world of food chains, asking ‘what should we eat?’, and ‘who should eat us ?!’.

★★★★ The Times  ★★★★ The Stage  ★★★★★ Broadway Baby


FREE Arts & Craft Activity for children and their grown ups
Cambridge Junction programmes regular family theatre, dance and circus. Join us for one of our FREE pre show, drop-in arts and craft ‘Hands on Happenings’ sessions in the Cambridge Junction foyer. These creative activities, led by professional visual artist Sophie Cullinan, are themed to tie in with the family shows that you will be seeing on stage.

Hands on Happenings will be available an hour before the show i.e. 10.30 for 11.30 show. The sessions do get very busy so early arrival is advised. If you do miss out before the show, Sophie will still there when the show finishes for a short time. Please note that Sophie will not be around after the final show of the day.

...Add in Iriguchi’s straight-faced wit and his ability to combine childlike innocence and DIY sophistication, and what you get is an educational conceptualist entertainment for ages six and up that plays with the notion “you are what you eat”
(★★★★, Donald Hutera, The Times)

...the inventiveness and revelling...shows a willingness to take risks that pays off. The relationship between food, death and life might be vital, but is often a taboo subject. This a peculiarly transgressive piece that will please those of any age who appreciate the truly bizarre.
(★★★★, Thom Dibdin, The Stage)

...‘Eaten’ explores complicated ideas about the food chain and the conflicting emotions that come with being animal-loving omnivores. Iriguchi’s creation is unpretentiously intelligent, warm, and as honest as it is silly. (★★★★★,Stephanie Stapleton, ThreeWeeks.)

Lionel... and Mamoru teach children and grown-ups all about why it is important to pay attention to what you eat. They welcome you into the surprisingly charming world of food chains.
(★★★★★, Blair Simmons, Broadway Baby)

Age: 6+ 

Duration: 45min (no interval)

Bar and Box Office open 1 hour before show start time.

All prices include booking fees.


Supported by Creative Scotland, Imaginate, Dance Base, The Place, Lyra, Southbank Centre.