Date:Thu 25 Nov
Venue:Online Event
Price:Pay What You Feel

Presented by Louise Orwin

This is a show about your favourite scary movie. You know, the one with the dead girl in it?

CRYCRYKILLKILL is a radical, indulgent and explosive exploration of horror movies, queerness and what it means to be ‘OTHERed’. Using multiple on-stage live feeds and live scoring created by sound artist Alicia Jane Turner, the show asks what it means to be the ‘Final Girl’, what it means to be the ‘Monster’, and what it means to be OTHER.  

Featuring an unending array of horror movie tropes, deconstructing them and reconstructing them through a Queer lens, the show irreverently plays with the audiences gaze, setting them loose in a hallucinatory fun house of LOLs, hysterical dead girls, monsters, IRL blood baths and what society deems ‘too much’.* CRYCRYKILLKILL is a wry take on cinema and pop culture’s dealing of Otherness, demolishing and transforming  the ‘horror’ and tragedy of cinematic tropes, and reassembling them in a new queer language to find new hope.  

CRYCRYKILLKILL will be coming uniquely to Cambridge Junction as a one-off live, irreverent and explosive at-home cinema experience. Prepare to see horror movies as you’ve never seen them before, straight from the comfort of your own home.

*ps this show is definitely,100% too much

Conceived, written and directed by Louise Orwin
Performers: Louise Orwin, Jo Hauge, Anna Dean, Alicia Jane Turner with Femme Feral
Sound and Composition: Alicia Jane Turner
Production Manager: Helen Mugridge
Digital Production Manager: Jason Crouch
Company Manager: Valentina Vela
Lighting Design: Martha Godfrey

This is an online show. Details of the live stream will be announced shortly.

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This is an online show. Details of the live stream will be announced shortly.

Warnings: Contains foul language, nudity, loud Bangs, flashing lights .

Age: 16+

Duration: 70 mins

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