Cruising for Art

Date:Sat 26 May
Time:Throughout the day
Venue:J2 foyer
Price:Festival pass £20 (£15 con)

Created by Brian Lobel.

A series of one-on-one performances playfully exploring intimate encounters with strangers in public spaces…

This performance installation/ party features the work of local artists, each presenting a short one-on-one performance throughout the theatre.

  • Jack Bateman
  • Jo Brooks
  • Michael Brown
  • Philip Cornett
  • Ant Lightfoot
  • Laura Matthews
  • Matthew Schlerf

Interested audience members will be given bandanas (a nod to hanky codes of the past) and told to ‘Cruise’ for performances.

part of WATCH OUT 2018

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All prices shown include booking fees.

Age: 16+


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