Young Leaders

Cambridge Junction enables and facilitates young people aged 16 – 25 to plan and deliver their own arts events, projects, festivals and live shows through a tailored programme of training, mentoring and support from Cambridge Junction staff.

The young people gain skills and experience in event management, programming, marketing, front of house and technical whilst they develop their own events.

Current young leaders events are:


Fusion Festival

Cambridge Junction is host to and supports a theatre festival by and for young people. Conceived by local company Temper Theatre, the first Fusion took place in June 2015 with the ambition of developing into one of England’s premiere theatre festivals celebrating young, emerging and professional work. 


Junkyard Festival

An annual one day music and arts festival programmed and managed by Cambridge Junction apprentices. Junkyard showcases local talent and supports and enables young people to develop their event management skills through the planning and implementation of a public festival. 


Rapademic (in partnership with Romsey Mill)

A bespoke partnership between Cambridge Junction and Romsey Mill, this event will showcase young local hip hop/grime MC’s and music makers, alongside professional artists on the J2 stage. The event is managed by young people from Romsey Mill, identified as Young Leaders, who are keen to gain skills in project management.