Creative Apprenticeships offer an entry route to working in the creative and cultural sector.

Cambridge Junction will provide a suitable learning space here at the venue, in order to complete your Level 2 or Level 3 Apprenticeship Qualification. As an apprentice you will be working alongside industry professionals, in a working arts venue, giving you the relevant skills you need to become a highly skilled and outstanding arts employee.

Currently, Cambridge Junction employs Venue Operations Apprentices and a Technical Apprentice each year. The apprenticeship takes 12 – 18 months to complete. 

Each year our team of apprentices also have the opportunity to devise, implement and manage their own one-day cross arts festival called Junkyard. For this they gain knowledge and an understanding of all of the different departments that make up an arts venue. They then use this knowledge to plan, programme, market and deliver the festival, which adds a lot of value to the apprentices learning.

Previous Cambridge Junction apprentices have gone to work as;

  • Event Manager
  • Music & Arts Venue Operations Officer
  • Festival Stage Manager (Lattitude, Cambridge Folk Festival, Reading & Leeds, Boomtown)
  • Music PR Manager
  • Event Promoter
  • Assistant Theatre Producer
  • Commercial Marketing Officer
  • Venue Duty Manager
  • Events Co-Ordinator
  • Artist Liaison


Find out what past apprentices have to say about their experience at Cambridge Junction:

 Abbie & Tim our 2018/19 apprentices talk about their experience.



Toby (Techinical Apprentice), Stef & Alyx (Operations Apprentices) talk to Laura about their experiences of being an apprentice at Cambridge Junction.

What do you enjoy most about the the apprenticeship?

The team that I work with. They're a great bunch, inclusive and help me when I need it. Also, the shows I work on, it's exciting.

The atmosphere, you're putting on some shows, potentially for 1000 people and it's quite a responsibility. But when you get things right it's very rewarding.

What's the most challenging part of the job?

The hours. Once, I started at 4(pm) and finished at 9 in the morning. It was a 16 hour shift but it was a good event and I had a lot of fun doing it.

What's the next step for you after your apprenticeship?

For me, freelancing work. I think working for a hirers company is a good option. Being a technician is still my passion, it's still what I want to do.


I want to further in this field, into event management. Preferably in live music.

What's the perks of working at Cambridge Junction?

Guest list – free tickets to events! And there's two staff socials every year– it's a real friendly, social place to work . I've made a lot of friends.

Has the apprenticeship made you want to go into business?

Me and my friend Keiran started up a club night about a year and a half ago. We've ran 5/6 events that have been very successful. We've quite a following now. Ever since I began working as an apprentice at the Junction everything has really taken off because I'm gaining more knowledge and can apply to my own business.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship over a degree in this industry?

I actually turned down a place at University to do this apprenticeship. I felt that would be learning so much on the job, getting the experience here rather than sitting in a classroom learning about experiences I might have. And then there's so many contacts, you meet so many people – it's a great thing.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship at Cambridge Junction?

Yes. You've got to be willing to put a lot of work in, but if you do, it's worth it.


Case Study from Daisy Botha, Operations Apprentice who completed the apprenticeship in 2015:

‘I particularly loved Duty Managing events as no two events were the same, you got to meet lots of new people and you got to witness first-hand the enjoyment the events brought to the audience. However one of my main highlights and weirdest moments was when I was asked to Stage Manage a show by performance artist Kim Noble... which involved having to get an actual live horse on and off stage safely!

I’ve just left my full time job as a Business Support Officer at a venue in Gloucestershire to pursue my own Events Company running Vegan Markets across the country. The first vegan fair I ran was in Stroud back in January 2018 and featured over 40 traders across 3 spaces in the venue. The fair exceeded all expectations and had over 1500 people come through the doors across the day resulting in many traders selling out of their products. I’m also working freelance providing event management and artist liaison at festivals and large scale events as well as helping businesses with digital marketing consultancy.’