Getting paid while you learn might sound too good to be true – but as an apprentice at Cambridge Junction that’s exactly what you’ll do. Cambridge Junction delivers an innovative Creative Apprenticeship programme.

Creative Apprenticeships offer a non-graduate entry route to working in the creative and cultural sector. As an apprentice you will be taught in a working arts venue by industry professionals. In addition, you will also be taught at Cambridge Junction one day per week to complete the qualification. The training will ensure you achieve at least a Level 2 National Award Creative Apprenticeship, offering you an opportunity to gain the relevant skills needed to become a highly skilled arts professional.

Applications for apprenticships 2017/18 are now closed. Check back in June/July 2018 for the next round of applications!


Daisy completed her apprenticeship at Cambridge Junction and now works at Cambridge Live as a Marketing Administrator, to find out more on what she made of her experience read her interview below.

What made you apply for an apprenticeship?
I’ve always wanted a career in the arts and didn’t think that university could offer me what I wanted. I’ve always preferred a hands on approach and didn’t like the idea of building up debt when I could just get out there and get stuck in straight away!

What have been your highlights?
I would find it very hard to pin down one particular highlight. I think one of the moments I remember very vividly was one of my first shadow Duty Manager shifts for comedian Sara Pascoe. There was something quite magical about all the audience going in and having the responsibility of going backstage to tell her we were ready for her. Giving clearance to the techs, cueing her from the side of the stage and then hearing the crowd cheer her on was quite an amazing feeling.

What are the benefits of the apprenticeship?
I personally feel like I have fast tracked my career and have gained so much more experience in the one year doing the apprenticeship than I could have gained in a 2 or 3 year course at university. I have experience in almost every department within the organisation and have been supported massively by Cambridge Junction with things such as where to look for jobs, writing CV’s and personal statements and preparing for interviews.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others? (If so, why?)
As long as you have the right attitude, throw yourself into everything you can and aren't afraid of hard work then 100%. It is so much fun and you can never learn too much.

What have you enjoyed the most about working in a venue?
What I’ve loved about working at THIS venue is how diverse it is. I love the fact that one day I could be working the bar at a legal rave like ‘Warning’ and the next day I’m handing out pictures and crayons for kids to colour in at a family theatre show. I love interacting with all sorts of people and seeing the smile on their faces when they've been to a good event.

What are your plans for the future?
Well amazingly I have already secured a job as Marketing Administrator at Cambridge Live (who run the Corn Exchange and other Cambridge City Events) which I am super excited to start! In the long term, I would like to one day move into working in the Festival world but ultimately as long as I’m working in a creative environment around interesting, fun people I am happy!