Chiperlarterart Party: The Board Game Experiment - SOLD OUT

Date:Wed 12 & Thu 13 May 2021
Venue:Online Event
Price:Pay What You Feel (£10 recommended)

presented by Daniel Oliver

During lockdown Daniel Oliver had a bawdy anxiety dream that he got stuck in a board-game about performance art and time travel. He’s made that game and now you can join him on Zoom to test it out.

It will be like that cartoon about dungeons and dragons called Dungeons and Dragons where they all got stuck on that fair ride, but with less encounters with wizards and more encounters with half-imagined transgressive performance art. It will be like those online Escape Room games that you see advertised on the internet but made by a dyspraxic who has never done one. It will be like that amazing performance art festival that you went to that changed your life.

Who’s that mysterious person made of playdough in the bar? Where has Andy Spinkle gone and why has he stolen the projector?  What’s at stake if you pretend to take your clothes off for an imaginary large-scale immersive performance? What’s at stake if you say that you pretend that you won’t but you actually pretend that you will anyway? What’s in that cupboard? What’s Daniel really up to?

If you would like the Game Board to be sent to you, please book your ticket by midday on Wed 05 May.

photo credit: Julia Bauer, BUZZCUT Festival 2017

‘I wanted to applaud, which felt a bit weird.’
4 stars. Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian (about Dadderrs the Lockdown Telly Show, 2020, made in collaboration with Frauke Requardt)

'Beginning as a bumble and closing in a hilarious, warm, merciless satire of the conventions of live art, [Weird Séance] blasts any concerns about sentiment or self-congratulation into jagged fragments'.
5 STARS – The Stage, review of Weird Séance, Edinburgh Festival 2016

WARNING - Potential sexually explicit material and nudity. Potential for getting lost forever.

Age: 18+

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Bookers will receive link prior to the performance date.

If you would like the Game Board to be sent to you, please book your ticket by midday on Wed 05 May.


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