Date:Thu 22 Sep 2022
Time:2.30pm, 4.30pm & 6.30pm
Venue:Abbey Pool, Cambridge

PLEASE NOTE: this event takes place at Abbey Pool

Presented by Ray Young

I meet you here...our drips will always find each other, waves outstretched to meet you, swelling around you like a morning tide, holding you up…

Created by Ray Young, BODIES is a sound and performance installation that will take place in swimming pools across the UK, inviting audiences into the pool for an active, sensory experience of water, discovery & rest. Commissioned by Unlimited, this immersive water, light and soundscape environment investigates the embodied experiences of our relationships with water.

A sister piece to their at-home performance experience THIRST TRAP, BODIES will continue Young’s investigation into water as a key character in our collective conversations on climate justice.

You will be an active audience member in the swimming pool itself. You will be in the water for approximately 50 minutes.

'They said with wonder and admiration, you are still alive, like hydrogen, like oxygen.' Dionne Brand, An Ars Poetica from The Blue Clerk

BODIES has been created in collaboration with, Gail Babb, Nandi Bhebe, Season Butler, Naomi Kuyck-Cohen, Nao Nagai & Nicole Raymond aka NikNak

BODIES will premiere as part of the Unlimited Festival with the Southbank Centre in September 2022.

Commissioned by Unlimited, supported in Cambridge by Cambridge Junction and Cambridge City Council.

Why you should come...
We're thrilled to be presenting new work from Ray Young, sensationally talented artist who's work truly transports you to different places. This performance is sure to be unlike anything you've experienced before, a soundscape which washes over you whilst you float in a cultivated, beautifully lit environment.
- Ema, Arts Producer



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PLEASE NOTE: this event takes place at Abbey Pool

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Age: 16+

Warning: This work explores mature themes of water, climate and social justice. This work includes light projection.

Duration: 50 minutes

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