Beltane Fire - CANCELLED

Date:Fri 29 Jun
Time:Doors 7pm
Venue:J2 (standing)
Price:£14 adv

Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has unfortunately been cancelled. To discuss ticket refunds please contact our box office on 01223 511511.
Beltane Fire was formed out of a desire to create something truly different, to take a melting pot of musically influences and forge them all in to one unmistakable and instantly recognisable force. The reason for the name of the band was simple, it signified a fresh start! That and a desire to create a soundscape of music that reflected this Island, its history past and present its identity and richness of character.

The first gigs were played in 1983 and saw the band very quickly build a loyal following on the London club circuit. By the summer of 1984 a bidding war for ‘Beltane Fire’ was underway by a host of major labels. An enviable position to be in some would say, but in the case of a young band as original as this it proved to be obstructive. They really needed the support of a label that would have allowed them several albums to build their audience, instead of a major such as Sony who gave you 3 singles and one albums chance, if no hit record by then it was bye bye boys..

During 1985 they recorded their acclaimed album “Different Breed” and shared the live stage with a diverse number or other artists from ‘Ian Dury & the Blockheads’ to ‘Adam Ant’ then in 1986 they enjoyed their most successful tour supporting Marillion across the UK. Here they found a receptive audience who seem to understand and appreciate what they were trying to achieve. Sadly before they had time to build on the following, that they were starting to build they were dropped by Sony and cast adrift into the 80’s no man’s land. There was no internet, social media or YouTube back then to try and salvage and sustain the bands career. They continued to gig with great success, but without backing to take things up a notch fell into the abyss of bands that had been signed and dropped.

Fast forward to the present day and we find a situation that many others are in, with the dawn of social media and Google the ability to search out past acquaintances is at your fingertips, so many have gone in search of favourite bands of their past. In 2016 the ‘Beltane Fire’ album ‘’Different Breed’ was rereleased on CD for the first time amid great reviews and interest. Then on the 18th February 2017 they played their first gig since the 80’s at the 100 Club in London which was a magical evening. They hope that this is the start of a new era for them, and that they can finish what they set out to do in the 80’s. Looking to the future they are very keen to play more live shows and are always interested to hear from people with ideas to make that 


Standing event.

Doors and Bar open 7pm.

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