mandla rae: as british as a watermelon

Date:Sat 28 May 2022
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Part of DISRUPT, a two-day programme of disruptive performance. Your day or weekend pass will gain you entry to this event. Passes are available HERE 

“My name is mandla.  
It means power. 
I gave it to myself.” 

Writer and performer mandla rae has a selective memory and is scrambling to piece together a life mostly forgotten in the name of survival. Through the exploration of mandla’s fragmented LGBTQ asylum and childhood migration memories, as british as a watermelon asks questions about belonging, trauma and forgiveness.  

Set within a chaotically colourful, sensory performance space and told through an unflinching autofiction narrative weaving poetry and storytelling; you are invited to watch as mandla rises from the dead to reclaim a previously misplaced power. 

Produced by Switchflicker Productions 

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Press reviews – Melons 

“Mandla Rae’s As British As A Watermelon (****) stands out as a piece of solo theatre investigating the nature of memory. 
There is no beginning, middle and end to this story, only sensations: the taste of sugar cane; the knock at the door; a scar for which there is no explanation. Memory is contradictory: even as we fear losing it, we also fear what it might reveal if we remember more fully.” The Scotsman  

“The show is short and sharp, slippery and nonlinear, It feels like witnessing a person trying to gather themselves up, and is beautifully intrusive.” ★★★★ The Stage  Natasha Tripney  

“sharp, stylish and tenderly imbued with truthfulness. It builds itself precariously, with delicate details of a life. The straightforward obliqueness of the show’s storytelling can’t help but charm you. It’s knowing. And defiant.” Exeunt 

Part of DISRUPT, a two-day programme of disruptive performance. Your day or weekend pass will gain you entry to this event. Passes are available HERE 

Age: 14+

Duration: 60 minutes 

Warning: Reference to border police and discussion of asylum, racism and trauma. Use of knives

Timings and venues are subject to change


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