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Call out for workshop, course and experience providers.


Junction University (working title) is a new initiative of The Junction offering short artist-led courses, workshops and experiences for the public exploring the intersection of art and life.

The focus of JU is on the exploration of the intersection of art and life.  The arts are changing and as we rush into the twenty-first century, we are increasingly seeing artists challenge and question the traditions and assumptions of practice.  The boundaries between artist and audience are increasingly blurred, sites for art are no longer restricted to our arts institutions, and artists ever more frequently work across artistic practices.

The Junction is interested in how the practices of artists are increasingly touching on our everyday lives.  In particular, The Junction is setting out to explore the meeting of art and life – through the work we present but also through our creative learning programmes.  We like the idea that this intersection is something that’s a bit messy and ambiguous - more of a collision than a neatly defined Venn Diagram.

The Junction seeks proposals from artists and other creatives who are interested in leading JU sessions.  We are looking for innovative and risky ideas which draw on the strengths of the artist and bring them to bear on our everyday lives.  We’re interested in the skills and knowledge artists have to share with the public which provide new perspectives on the world.  We think there are endless possibilities of subject matter and the form of delivery; a few of our suggestions are:

  • A poet leads a session on love-letter writing.
  • An architect helps people to re-imagine their homes.
  • An academic with a special interest in Punch and Judy leads a practical session on relationships.
  • A composer leads a walk to uncover the unheard sounds of a neighbourhood.

They should be educational, in the broadest sense.

The experience of the audience is of particular concern to The Junction.  While we seek for artists to push themselves creatively, we also wish to ensure that audiences enjoy the sessions, learn something, and come away with a fresh perspective on the world (which has been prompted by an artistic experience).  We want our audiences to come back for more and to bring a friend so it’s important that the sessions are fun and meaningful.

JU is a pilot initiative which will be trialled between February and May 2013.  On Saturdays February 2, March 9, April 6 and May 18 up to three sessions led by three different artists will be offered to the public.  The sessions can run for half a day (three hours) or a full day.  They may take place in one of The Junction’s spaces including J3, foyer and/or the board room or may take to the streets.  We’re open to suggestions about the number of participants attending each session but we’re imagining between 5 and 25 people.

During the trial, sessions will be offered free (or at a token price) to the public.  The Junction will be responsible for marketing and taking bookings.  The Junction offers a small fee of £250 per session to JU session leaders.

If you are interested in leading a JU session please prepare a proposal of no more than one A4 page and include:

  • A short session description.
  • A statement about the audience/student experience (including an ideal number of participants).
  • A list of requirements including space(s) to be used.
  • A short biography of the course leader(s) (with links to websites in appropriate).


Email your proposal to Daniel Pitt, Producer: Arts on with ‘Junction Uni proposal’ in the subject line.  Proposals should reach us as soon as possible but no later than Monday 12 November 2012.

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